How We Got Started 

A lot of people ask “how did you guys come up with this stuff”?  It all started one cold winter day at Frank’s house in the kitchen. While sitting around the kitchen table knocking back a few cold ones (maybe a few too many), we started talking about making vinegar with garlic in it. This is something we thought about for some time but never did anything about it. Well, that day we got some apple cider vinegar out of the cupboard, crushed some garlic, added some brown sugar, and, VOILA, we had some vinegar that tasted pretty good.  After some fine tweaking and careful planning we refined the recipe to what it is today, a fine blend of garlic, vinegar and brown sugar. The oak barrels were something we started using because that’s all we had to put it in. We soon realized that the wood flavor really mellowed out the smooth flavor of our vinegar.

Our honey blend came from persistent requests from our good friend Walt Broughton “The Bee Guy” from Swarm Bustin Honey. Walt attends lots of the same festivals as we do and has been a good friend of Frank’s for many years. Walt asked us one day, “would you guys be interested in making some garlic vinegar with honey in it?” At fist we thought Walt got stung by a bee in the head or something, but he kept on asking.  Finally, one day we sat down and mixed up a batch. We tried it with a little honey, then a lot, then somewhere in between and finally, we nailed it! The perfect blend of sweetness, the tartness of apple cider vinegar and the heavenly taste of garlic. Our plan was to sell this as our 30-year anniversary blend, a one time thing for that year and that’s it.  Our costumers LOVED it so much that we could not deny them of this excellent product. We have been making the Garlic Honey Vinegar since 2009 and will continue making it for a long time!

Today our recipes are the same as the day we got started. Every barrel contains only the freshest garlic slow brewed in apple cider with brown sugar or honey. Every gallon contains a pound of garlic grown right here in Pennsylvania! You will see a bunch of other so called Garlic Vinegar but don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! We are the ORIGINAL GUYS who started it all and we got the bottles to prove it!!!


About Us


Frank is the founder of Rolling Hills Farm Garlic Vinegar. Farming was his passion in life, having written many articles relating to it. His other passion is cooking and having people visit him at the farm, always making sure a pot of something good was on the stove. His witty sense of humor and big smile are what makes Frank a great guy! Anyone who has met him or called him on the phone knows this is true. Due to health issues in the last few years, regrettably Frank had to move out of the farm in Saylorsburg Pa. and now lives in an assisted living facility outside of Stroudsburg. He still has that witty sense of humor and loves his vinegar. He’ll always tell you “Take a shot, it’s good for you!”



During the last year, because of Frank’s failing health, Steve and Rob have honored Frank’s wishes to continue the business.

 Steve is married to his wife Michelle and has a lovely daughter named Cassandra. They have a home outside of Limeport, Pa. and have been living there since 1999.  

Steve handles most of the marketing side of the business and setting up the festival schedule. During the week Steve is a  Mechanical Designer for X-Nav Technologies in Kulpsville Pa. In his spare time Steve enjoys spending time with his family, but also likes to sneak away for a few hours of fishing.  

Rob is married to his wife Sheila and has two great kids, his son Lucas and daughter Ella. They have a  moved into the beautiful Rolling Hills Farm in Salyorsburg, PA which is where the Rolling Hills Farm Garlic Vinegar is still made. Rob handles most of the production side of the business and mailing out our online orders. During the week Rob is a Correctional Officer for the Monroe County Correctional Center. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, especially playing baseball and scouting with his son.